Eudaimonia Intensives© are an amazing experience of deep transformation.

Just think how much you produce and consume in a single day: how much love to spread out, how much time and energy invested in people and things outside of yourself, how many clever, original and efficient ideas used for other peoples benefit, how much real problem solving, how many feelings that remain unmet or unappreciated. Now imagine that all this effort and energy was directed towards YOU, your inner needs, your dreams, your hopes, your problems! Imagine the unique opportunity of having a full day with Dr. Nancy Mallerou where you can address all the personal, business or spiritual issues you are facing. Imagine the power and effect such a day can have on you and your loved ones. Whatever the void in your life and your heart right now, no matter how stuck or lost you feel, Dr. Mallerou will help you discover your own unique Divine Design© and guide you to your “Land of Inner Possibilities” ©. You will walk away with greater clarity, power, confidence, energy and of course a plan; a great, enlightened plan. Most important, you will raise your personal frequency so that you can attract your heart’ s desires.

What you can expect
and what you will definitely get!

  • To set epic goals for the kind of impact you want to create in the world and the life you want to live
  • To design, adopt  and apply the right mindset, emotional state and thought mastery that will allow you to get to your goals
  • To experience deep transformation through accelerated personal growth
  • To take your game and your life to the next level

Greece’s Leading Life Strategy Coach

Dr. Nancy Mallerou is one of the leading Coaches and sought after motivational speakers in Greece.

She is the speakers’ coach in TEDxAthens, TEDxThesaloniki and TEDMed Live in Athens.Dr. Mallerou holds a Bachelor in French Literature, an MBA and a Ph.D. in co-operative strategies. She is a Certified Coach, founding member and President of the International Coach Federation – Greek Chapter and holds various  diplomas in Life Style Management from the Dpt. of Continuous Education of Harvard Medical School.

She has served 11 years as an Adjunct Professor & Researcher at the Panteion University of Social and Political Science, in Athens. In 2012,  she designed and introduced the course “Coaching for Happiness that she teaches in Universities, inspired by a similar course tought in MIT and Stanford Universities.

She has 12 years of corporate experience in sectors varying from entertainment, charity and culture to cosmetics, advertising, media, spirits, food and telecoms, where she has held senior positions in Marketing & Communications.

Personal development, progress and goal achieving were always an area of interest. Through her professional and academic career she developed a great interest in human resources, mentoring and coaching.


Don Levy | President, SMITH BROOK FARM

I know Dr. Nancy Mallerou as a gifted advisor, coach and counselor. I had the absolute pleasure of working with her when she prepared me to speak to 1500 participants… Across time zones and geography, I felt unwavering support and understanding.

Claire A. Venouka | CEO, Ales Group Hellas Lierac Paris - Phyto Paris

Dr. Nancy Mallerou gets my highest recommendation as an executive coach and mentor. We set our goals early on in the process and kept them in our sights as we engaged efficiently on the many issues that popped up along the way. A truly great coaching experience that I enthusiastically endorse!

Costas Voyatzis | CEO,

A few years ago, I thought and really believed that I would never find the strength to stand in front of thousands of people and the ability to talk to them.
With Nancy’s unique diligence and industriousness, patience and perseverance, I achieved delivering an excellent presentation.